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The aim of the (Taxonomic) Data Refinement Workflow is to provide a streamlined workflow environment for preparing observational and specimen data sets for use in scientific analysis on the Taverna platform. The workflow has been designed in a way that,
• accepts input data in a recognized format, but originating from various sources (e.g. services, local user data sets),
• includes a number of graphical user interfaces to view and interact with the data,
• the output of each part of the workflow is compatible with the input of each part, implying that the user is free to choose a specific sequence of actions,
• allows for the use of custom-built as well as third-party tools applications and tools.

Currently, the data refinement workflow is made up of three distinct parts:
1.Taxonomic Name Resolution / Occurrence retrieval
2.Geo-temporal data selection
3.Data quality checks / filtering

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