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This workflow takes as input a file containing species occurrence points to create a model with the openModeller Web Service using the Bioclim algorithm. Environmental layers and mask are selected during the workflow. Points are filtered so that only environmentally unique points are used to create the model.

You can use this workflow to either filter a set of species occurrence points excluding redundant points with the same environmental conditions (you can get the result in the output "selected_csv_points") or to know the environmental ranges for each variable considering all input points. In the later case, you can inspect the "model_xml" to find this information in the Maximum and MInimum attributes of the Bioclim element. Values are separated by a space in the same order of the layers. Please note that there are no model tests or projections in this workflow.

For more information about the input file format, please look at the documentation for the corresponding parameter. If you use the default occurrence points you should know that Gammarus tigrinus is an aquatic species, so you need to choose marine environmental layers during the modelling procedure.

Workflow requirements: When running on Taverna workbench, this workflow requires Internet connection and the Taverna interaction plugin installed.

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